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Professional Skylight Installation, Offering You a Wide Choice of Quality, Comfort & Durability.

Professional Skylight Installation and Maintenance

Skylights On Vancouver Island

Skylights are similar to windows but are usually installed on the roof, often used for day lighting and aesthetic appeal.  The addition of a skylight to a room can change the appearance significantly and add plenty of natural light.  As such, added benefits such as energy efficiency can be accomplished. Vancouver Island home owners love skylight’s and for good reason. DBM Roofing Systems has the knowledgeable staff to ensure you peak enjoyment from your skylights.

With proper skylight design, there can be significant energy savings through lowering one’s use of light, heating, and air conditioning.  Natural light from the sun can provide plenty of warmth, thus lowering the work load on your heating system. 

Natural lighting from skylights can also cut lighting energy use by up to 80 percent. Contact us for details: 250-204-7663